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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 5, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday at 5:00. brrr. thanks for joining us. >> let me translate that "boy, it's cold." lisa? >> good morning. the freeze warning is extended until friday morning. we are freezeing. we have clear skies and looking at all of the bay area or close
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to it in the 30's or 20's in san francisco, the mild spot, and here are the cold numbers. santa rosa is 26 and fairfield at 24, 27 if livermore and morgan hill and the numbers are 5- to 10-degrees colder than yesterday morning. we are looking at coldest numbers after sunrise at least three hours from now where the numbers could drop further. from the 20's and 30's to the 40's by noon, upper 40's to near 50 for highs and we will have a winter mix for you tomorrow with details coming up. >> we have frost advisory for roads, but, first, we take you over to the sfo area with the crash headed along northbound direction along 101 you will find this accident mostly debris not lanes and the rest of the cars are off to the side. the golden gate bridge and
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cartinez and san mateo has frost advisories. be came. it is slippery. eight minutes away from sausalito to san francisco along the bay bridge and san mateo bridge takes you 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. the cold nap is a big shock to people in the south bay who used to mild weather and many have been preparing for the freezing temperatures. our reporter is if san jose with the news. >> a lot of people are bundling up and headed to the station in downtown san jose with a couple of people on the lot form with sweatshirts and coffee in hand jumping around to stay warm dealing with the possibility of breaking a 41-year-old record low. we went by the lumber company can this is not an official weather gage you have an idea how cold it is, reading 27 degrees is the official reading coming from the airport at 31 degrees right now.
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people taking caltran or the bus this morning if downtown san jose are bundled up. some are trying to stay warm in the lobby before headed out to the platforms and a woman just arrived from hawaii. >> what was the weather like in hawaii? >> 86 degrees! majestic. >> big shock anying this would be california weather, right? >> exactly. exactly. >> the cold isn't keeping people from being outside. the day care held a tree lighting fundraiser with christmas in the park if downtown san jose. the record low took place on the way back in 1972 at 29 degrees, back out here you can see the train has arrived and people are warming up inside this morning and we are going to keep an eye on the temperatures this morning in san jose and let you know if we will break that record. >> temperatures have dipped into
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the 20's in parts of the east bay with water polo players staying warm in the pool but they were caught goofing out, out of the water they come. >> once for a while if they act up and not doing what they supposed to do, we pull them out of the water and they get quiet quickly. >> it feels look ice on the bottom of my feet and my lips are purple. >> jogger ran without any real cold weather gear and said the secret is to put whatever he could on and get it done. >> cold weather is hitting the nation with half of country waking up in a deep freeze with winter storms blasting two dozen states, slick and icy road maying driving dangerous in the midwest and people in northern minnesota wake up to 33" of snow on the ground. in denver, the do was shut down forcing the animals indoors. for the weather changes down road the weather app for severe
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weather alerts and radar and hourly temperature forecasts which is free at >> officials are investigating the cause of an early morning house fire that sent an early difficultly couple to the hospital at 2:00 a.m. this morning at their home. officials say a newspaper delivery person discovered the flames after smelling smoke and called the fire department. the couple and a dog were pulled from the home and taken to the hospital in serious condition. the dog appears to be okay. >> san francisco police are looking for the driver of a black car involved if an early morning hit-and-run accident that left a man in critical condition. the victim was hit on clinton park while walking with a group of trends at 2:45 a.m. and treated as san francisco general hospital for head injuries. a bumper left at the scene could help determine the make and model of the car. >> if you are at a fast food vaunt if the bay area you could encounsel federal more workers
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outside than inside the restaurant. there is a one day nationwide protest over wages that is underway this morning on the east coast. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> this is the largestest in a year long if issue for better pay if fast food workers and underway if negotiation city. workers began the protest at 6:30 this morning and as the day rolls out the workers in 100 cities walk off the job or then rally. workers are asking for more money. a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. right now the wage is $7.25 which is $15,000 a year for full time employee. some experts say it is not a living wage. >> you could not buy your food if you have a family of zero you could support yourself but if you have a family with two kids and wife.
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>> workers take the jobs because they are desperate in an economy that is not creating enough work for people with want to go to work and not creating enough middle class jobs. >> this is the demonstration in oakland back if october and if the minimum wage went up to $15 food prices would go up and there would be fewer jobs. last month, president obama said he would back a senate measure to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and san francisco and san jose heard pay $10 or more an hour. >> a report card is due for bart police show how well they have implemented changes in the wake of the oscar grant shooting five years ago. bart police will receive grids -- grades on 55 changes recommended with calls for bart miss to improve rider state, increase visibility, and provide proper training to employees. the bart board will be briefed
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on the train break down in the berkeley hills tunnel and consider bart fare changes. >> the agency that oversees development in the san francisco way has launched a remain for am investigation into google secret barge at treasure island. right ares is reporting the agency is looking into which prime ministers are necessary to build the barge and what the owners of the pier have the proper permits. google officials notified san francisco bay conservation and development commission they were making changes to the barge design. this week the chronicle reports that the barge is the first of three floating retail stores for launching the google glass eye area. google has described it as a "temporary space" to learn more about new technology. >> low temperature records could fall today. lisa? >> we have numbers in the 40's in san francisco and upper 30's in oakland but a trees wanting is -- freeze warning is in effect
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this morning until friday morning so it will be as cold tonight but, this morning, yes, we are cooler. colder than yesterday morning. 26 in santa rosa. 24 in napa. 26 in fairly. 28 in conquer. 27 for livermore and morgan hill. with the sun coming up, it will not be 8:00 until the numbers come up but, first, headed down. 11 degrees colder in fairfield this morning with the airport at 36 degrees. that is five degrees colder. bundle up. give your car a chance to remain what up. you will have to scrape off the ice. tomorrow morning we are looking at temperatures cold. today, though, the recovery is not much just not low-to-mid 40's by noon and upper 40's to near 50 by 4:00, and quick cooling tonight with a freeze wanting tone.
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and the black ice has developed over the bridges but in san jose we have an accident involving a big rig that has cleared with all lanes re-opened and the big rig is on the scene off the freeway and c.h.p. is still there trying to clean it up and there is a fuel leak. speak of the cold temperatures we have chain requirements if you are traveling along highway 88 up to lake tahoe, that is south of highway 50 and to the south, we do have 120 shut down at the pass so plan ahead if you making it to the mountains. along 280 away from 17, a dark picture with a couple of cars making their way in the northbound direction. >> bloomberg business report is next with the staggering price tag of ads for the super bowl. >> a new embarrassment for admitted crack smoking mayor rob ford and what he may have been
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hoping a car and $5,000 would get him. >> victoria secret's big secret: some male shoppers are treated differently than women. >> we will see how the freezing cold is affecting you this morning. >> you have to wear more than that. >> that is a problem. send us your photos and videos at
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covering cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> in canada, more trouble ahead for rob ford. new court documents say that he may have offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers in exchange for a video clip that shows him smoking crack. the information contained in police wiretaps of gang members on a wire tape, a member is heard saying he was smoking the rocks today, and the video of ford smoking crack never surfaced but the toronto star reports that the police recovered a copy of it from a laptop. >> and if you look at super bowl for signs of how the economy is doing, it looks pretty good. jane king is at the new york stock exchange with more.
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the ads will cost a pretty penny. again. >> yes, about $4 million is what fox will charge and they are sold out according to "usa today" so that is higher than what cbs was charging for the super bowl ads last year which is $3.8 million. about 15 minutes we get the weekly jobless claim must bees and we have had positive jobs datas over the past couple of weeks so we will see if the trend continues. we get the monthly jobs report tomorrow. but the market, the dow and the s&p are down yesterday because we have been getting good economic data the fear is that the fed could actually withdraw some of the stimulus and nasdaq was higher year. starbucks last year did offer the gift card and they are doing it this year but they will make less of them charging $450 for
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the card and they are going making a thousand people. they will have $400 on the gift card to use at starbucks but only a thousand of them starting tomorrow at 11 a.m. >> back to you. >> china's newest tv star is underwater and flips patties for a living. under a deal, sponge bob square pants and other programs are going to be dubbed into mandarin. there is no word on how much the deal cost but it will open up the popular show to 389 million new chinese customers. >> today, wildlife workers are back in the water to try to help dozens of whales stranded in everglades. 40 whales are still swimming in
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shallow water. crews trying to get them in the deep ocean. six have died. four have had to be euthanized. officials believe the whales approached the beach at high tide but were unable to leave. >> ladies knew this but maybe you guys did fought. a secret is revealed about lingerie retailer victor why secret. an employee says that, worries at the chicago area store target ed unaccompanied male customers knowing they would buy full priced merchandise to get out as quickly as possible and they would tell william about -- well women about the sells. >> you are fault -- not hearing that. >> we look for bargains. we never pay full price. >> ing to say?
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>> no. nothing. audit think so. >> it is cold. colder than yesterday. the freeze warning is extended until tomorrow. with the clear sky we are talking about temperatures up to ten degrees colder than year at this time. with the subfreezing temperatures and the possibility of hypothermia and the numbers are not coming up very much until 9:00 so we will drop further for the next few hours. san francisco is a balmy 41 degrees and oakland is 31 and 28 on the peninsula and 30 in san jose and below freezing in los gatos and half moon bay sitting at 34 degrees. from our exploritorium camera, another bright and sunny day and it will take a while to get out of the 30's because you can see the widespread 20's from santa rosa, napa at 21 and below freezing by the delta and 27 in concord and livermore is 28. our forecast highlights call for
5:19 am
sunny conditions, with record low temperatures poll today and we will look if the numbers well below average only in the upper 40's to near 50 and by tomorrow, though, a winter mix is possible as the cold air is already if place and not a lot of moisture with the system, though, look at programs quarter of an inch but as it sinks some of the location in the south bay, upper elevations could see snow from mount hamilton to big sur. this morning, with the cool pock chest air over the bay area the next disturbance slides down tomorrow but before that we want on give you a look at how santa rosa, one of the coldest places will do. with the should cough, it is warm but notice through early next weeks you are still quite cold well below freezing until the middle of next week. here is a look at what to expect tomorrow as you wake up, we will have dry conditions, clouds and
5:20 am
the rain moves in by midday and by the evening commute we are looking wet and the heaviest rain north of the golden gate bridge so if you have listens for saturday, looking dry and sunny. the rain here means snow in the sierra through saturday afternoon and the west slope could see a foot with some delays. temperatures today are upper 40's and 51 in santa cruz and chilly until the middle of next week. leyla gulen? >> because of the cold, we want to watch out for frost and black ice that could form and we are looking quiet in the accident department which is the good news. at the pass it is hooking busy and 34 miles per hour is the top sped as you continue beyond bass veto road the track will thin out and if you take highway 4, headed south of buchanan there
5:21 am
is a pocket of slowing at 33 miles per hour and it clears. at highway 4, traveling along westbound we have most of the traffic that stopped at contra costa and you continue in the westbound direction the traffic also started to loosen up. outside we go the drive along 101 southbound from central san rafael the drive is moving at top speed over to sausalito. >> ahead, seven things it know as you start your day. >> also, the whichever p.r. stunt that has people in a large united states city doing more than counting pennies. >> a breakfast surprise after going through mcdonald's drive
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5:25 am
the couple was taken to the hospital in serious condition and the dog was treated at the seen. >> the bart board is meeting to consider new fare options for requireds which include increasing the military $2, extending a youth discount to rider up to age 17 and the senior discount extended to riders over 65. and there are 180 days before the june primary for the mayor to replace outgoing mayor reed. >> the "los angeles times" reports it will be several weeks before the final autopsy on paul walker is released and the toxicology reports are in. 409-year-old and a friend were killed in a fiery crash on saturday. >> demonstrations are already underway in new york city one of 100 cities taking part in a massive walk out by fast food
5:26 am
workers that want the minimum wage raised to $15 with events at mcdonald's locations in san jose, oakland, vallejo, and antioch. >> seven, the morning commute to work is looking clear right now and our bay bridge toll plaza shows a few cars moving out of oakland and c.h.p. advises to be careful of ice that the up overnight along the bridges. >> a tennessee couple got the wrong breakfast order did not mind. not one bit. because what was in the bag. a lost cash. mcdonald's employee accidentally handed the couple these bags full of money during a recent visit. it was the bank deposit. a worker realized the mistake was able to catch up with the couple would said they were happy to give the money back. that is what you call a "value meal." >> a lot of people are looking through their pocket change in texas in hopes of finding a
5:27 am
unique coin worth way more than face value. the rare coins are pennies minted in 1914 with 9 letter "d," under the date each worth $200. a coin show put five into circulation in hopes of generating buzz for a coin club show underway today. >> the morning news continues with the top stories at 5:30 including the fire that forced restaurant goers to flee to safety the. >> the man who wanted to be the oakland pair has a new job a position lived up by former state [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! is live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the cold snap is fully embracing us at 5:29. thank you very much for joining us. >> it is the kind of x-rays --
5:30 am
embrace you do not want. now a look at the forecast. >> san francisco does not feel too bad in the low 40's but the freeze warning in effect for the entire bay area except in the city with sub-freezing temperatures, plenty of 20's and possibility of high though thermia if you are out there for any length time. we are looking at numbers dropping the next two to three hours at 24 in santa rosa and 21 in napa and novato is 25 and 37 by the delta. we are look at a chilly afternoon with numbers just in the low 40's by noon and upper 40's to near 50 at 4:00 with temperatures below average. when do we warm up in the answer is ahead the. >> pack the hot cup coffee when you head out the door. here is how it will look traveling from tracy to dublin it takes you 37 minutes so make sure you have a large cup. 101 southbound from san rafael
5:31 am
to san francisco is 17-minute. mass transit, all running on final and bart has in problems to report and muni and caltrain all looking great. outside, here is the san mateo bridge westbound out of hayward to foster city the drive will take you approximately it will minutes. watch out for possible ice that could have built up on the roads >> more on the cold in the east bay, this is the morning to bring in vulnerable plants and pets because of the freezing temperatures. our team coverage of the cold snap continues with abc7 news in walnut creek. >> we are talking to commuters who are headed off to work and how hard it was to get out of bed because it is cold. getting to the bart station was miserable. >> it was a miserable walk here to the station. we need rain.
5:32 am
i want snow. precipitation would be nice. otherwise, all government. >> we have met have bundled up people. a woman had on four lays can still cold the we are in the 20 in walnut creek and lisa mentioned the possibility of hypothermia. i am worried about that possibility as we stand out here and i can barely feel my toes. >> parts of the east bay temperatures are dipping below freezing and last night the fans at a tournament had plenty of blankets and extra layers but the police officers had to huddle together to keep warm when they were not in the game. >> in san jose the cold snap could snap a 40-year-old temperature record and some of the folks at the fundraiser remember that day in 1972 when the temperature dipped down to 29 degrees.
5:33 am
>> that is the year my daughter was born. >> what do you remember about it? >> we lost a last fruit trees. we had fruit trees just stating here and the frost killed them the we had to start again. it was freezing cold. >> christmas in the park people were bundled up and the vendors were selling scarfs and gloves to those not represented. for the latest on the changes, download the weather app with severe weather alerts and hourly temperature forecasts and it is free at >> the napa four department is investigating a restaurant fire that forced customers to evacuated breaking out in historic downtown napa. people dining and staff get out safely. it appears that construction crews were working on the roof before the tie started.
5:34 am
>> today, a meeting of the bart board could 8:00 -- determine how much you will pay in the future including increasing the minimum fare to $2 and extending the youth discount to riders through age 17 and increasing the seen director discount for riders over the age of 65. fares are scheduled to go up 5 percent january 1st which works out to be 18 cents for round trip. the board will be briefed of the train break down, after the brakes locked up on a train headed through the berkeley tunnel yesterday morning. nine passengers went to the hospital. they will be okay. authorities in idaho are waiting to see if the weather cheers this morning so they can resume the search for missing plane carrying a local family.
5:35 am
silicon valley executive daily smith's plane disappeared on sunday when taking four family members from oregon to montana and the only sign was a weak beacon which disappeared. the family and friends know after several nights in subzero temperatures, time is of the essence. >> obviously owe hearts are breaking. we want our family back. >> we continue to hold for a miracle. >> smith is an experienced pilot. >> police are asking for the help the public in solving a possible kidnapping caught on video. a bus driver pulled up in milpitas and you can see a woman appears to try to board a bus and a man pulled her away to the back of a business and the bus driver called 9-1-1 but when the miss got this they could not fine the two people. >> former state senate president row temperature is is -- pro
5:36 am
tempore is a lobbyist for almeda with a one year contract being paid $90,000 to help get aid to improve a new fire station, ferry service and transportation improvements. >> a new poll shows that young folk in california are overwhelmingly more likely to seek health insurance than older people. the public policy institute of california found that 72 percent of uninsured people ages 18 to 44 are likely to seek health insurance and over the age of 45 it drops to 51 percent. the poll is encouraging news for the president's health care law which is thought to have low and for young people. >> today we learn the name of the new sponsor for uc berkeley memorial stadium which will announce a 15 year naming rights deal for field sponsorship. the university says that the deal is with a nontraditional corporate sponsor with ties to
5:37 am
cal. officials say this will not affect the traditional memorial stadium name. >> this afternoon, we will know who will serve up the food at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. the 49ers are holding a news conference to announce a partnership at levee -- at levi stadium with a culinary all star. they posted a brief video of a sign being hoisted on the new home. the 49s will play at levi stadium starting next season. >> this is football weather, i guess, in some places. >> in buffalo. >> good morning. we are dropping into the 20's with records shattered already in the north bay. the mild spot is san francisco at 42. 34, freezing, at of what half and below freezing for fremont, hose, los gatos, san extra moan
5:38 am
-- san ramon valley. compared to yesterday it will be from five to 11 degrees colder so very much in the midst of the cold snap. here are the reports: this is what was forecast this morning. here are the reports in blue. you can see if we do make it to the 19 we already at 24 in napa and very easy record to shatter there. san rafael and san francisco are close and oakland is the record and that is brock be and we look for the trees warning on stay in effect until friday morning so, again, temperatures maybe not in the low 20's but close enough at 25 tomorrow morning and near freezing around the bay and into saturday although it will be milder we have a winter mix with higher elevation on friday as the wet weather system and a cold one moves or way but the welcome looks sunny with the warmer weather is in the seven-day forecast just ahead. >> crank up the heat in the
5:39 am
cars. at mass transit, we do have a train that is involving and the eastbound line at sunset was stalled and they are clearing it so it looks like the delays should dissipate and caltrain and bart running on time. on the bridges closer to the south bay, the dumbarton at top speed and spay yes -- san mateo bridge is nice. we have a car fire that could be blocking a lane but no delays just yet. travel along 101 from san rafael to mill valley up to sausalito it and moving along fine. east bay walnut creek, the drive along southbound 680 is building but, still, you are looking at nine minute commute from highway 4 to highway 24. >> police find a stole were truck carrying radioactive material. next, the danger it poses and why it will take weeks to clean
5:40 am
up. >> do you recognize this man? the bold crime he is wanted for caught on camera. >> wanting if you use facebook twitter or other social media
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covering dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:43 on this morning with a cold snap. guess where the warm spot is? san francisco at 41 degrees. our meteorologist is here with more. you can send us photos you have at >> we have news after the killing of a suspect by an officer. this investigation is routine but investigators say the shooting followed a chase on interstate 5 in stock stop at 1:00 o'clock a.m. with the suspect getting out of the car with a knife and the officer fired the weapon hit the suspect at least once and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. we have more information on the breaking news to bring you when we can. >> new details in the theft of
5:44 am
radioactivity material in mexico. it will take weeks to clean up the area where the vehicle turned up. police found the truck if central next coe -- mexico. the container was opened and anyone exposed to it is in grave danger. two armed men seized the truck and they did not probably know what was in the cargo which is used for cancer treatment. authorities do not have the equipment to move the material which could have been used to make dirty bums. >> florida state quaterback and leading heisman trophy contender will find out if he will be facing rape champions. he was accused of sense allege assaulting a former florida state student in tallahassee but there was an 11 month delay between the woman's initial report and referral to the state's attorney. her tone said the police warned her pursuing the allegation against him would subject her to
5:45 am
scorn in the football dominated town. the tone says they had a consensual relationship and is confident the client will be exonerated. >> hackers have thenning pass wores from two million e-mail accounts and maybe yours. the thefts began in october seizing long in information for facebook, google, yahoo, youtube and more, researchers tracked the hacking to a server in the netherlands with no evidence they have accessed any of the accounts but many of the hacked account used simple passwords like "password," and "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." >> police are wanting residents of a jump in mail theft. a property tax check was stolen from the curb mailbox. to avoid becoming a victim, use the big blue mailboxes at the post office when you sending payments in the mail. >> fremont police hope you
5:46 am
recognize this man and help capture him. detectived posts this surveillance video on youtube showing him going through a drawer during a home break in. miss have not revealed what was taken which happened snowed >> 41 is the warm spot but the cold spot is what? >> in the mid-20's. we could see changes and we could see 19 before all is done in napa. live doppler 7 hd shows this morning there wasn't any frost because it was so early. it was too early. by now, though, you are dealing with that and the trees warning through friday morning. we will look for the sun after 7:00 and the coldest temperatures after sunrise and what you are dealing with if san francisco, 41 and where we do not have the freeze warning but in oakland below freezing and 28
5:47 am
in redwood city and hose has dropped to 30 and los gatos and half moon is up a few degrees. san francisco will be warmest but, still, nine to ten degrees below average. 24 in santa rosa. napa at 21. records have been shattered in the north bay. concord is 26. the record was 24. livermore is 28. our forecast highlights from the camera are the low lights, really, with the trees warning in effect and we will look if the record lows tonight and more, perhaps, tomorrow, but a couple of the degrees are warming as we get into friday as the clouds will increase and the chilly afternoon and winter mix is on the way with the cold air in place and we will look for the possibility of maybe flakes of snow around mount ham done and big sir as we go through the rest of friday and into early
5:48 am
saturday. it will take some time with this air mass moves to the east of us so before then we will wax what is coming but, lows in santa rosa, with the cloud cover on saturday, we are into the 30's and 20's tomorrow and we will dip under the clear skies on sunday, mop, tuesday, and looking at numbers getting back to where we should be by the end of next week. here is the low, dropping off, bringing light rain by early afternoon in the north bay and the evening commute was sketchy with the slick roads and it is all over by sunrise or thereafter on saturday morning. windore storm watch in effect and we get rain here, the snow there, and the west slops up do a foot, possibly, with highs in the upper 40's to near 50. bundle up. it will take a while to get there. that is 3:00 afternoon highs and we will have a look at the continue day forecast in --
5:49 am
seven-day forecast ahead. >> bundle up when you head out. in san jose we are a report of a car fire on the shoulder. no lanes are blocked northbound 101. the rest of the drive is great up to 280/680 split. the remark is not built up yet. as far as mass transit we had a problem eastbound end on muni but everything has recovered. you are on time. bart and ace train all on time. outside, back into san jose northbound 280, you can see the cars and a few extra cars in the nobody direction so the drive into cupertino is fuller but nothing to get in your way to slow you down. you i don't be $7,000 richer by taking a pledge to "give where you live."
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with each pledge well donate a dollar in your on to the feeding america food bank up to $75,000. everyone who takes the pledge is entered to win $7,000 . the winner is announced december 19th so spread the love. help us "give where you live." >> a reunion will happen today that has been 3 1/2 years in the making. tri-city animal shelter in fremont and a home owner was freeding it for three years and assumed the car belonged to a neighbor. a scan of the chip at the animal shelter revealed the animal is dash. the shelter contacted the family and dash and his owners will be reunited this morning. >> coming up, an early christmas gift for a california couple and this bundle of triple joy is an
5:51 am
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a new tribute to paul walker killed in a fiery crash. ♪ tell the world ♪ i'm coming home it shows role that made him a czar in 2001, with the tribute getting more than a million views sin it was posted 13 hours ago. universal pictures halted production on the next film in the series. >> northern california couple says they are still getting over the shock of becoming parents to rare triplets. here the three born two weeks ago. the couple said the docket said the chance identical triplets without fertility drugs is rare, ween 1 in a million and one in 200 million.
5:55 am
the girls weigh define three and now pounds each and will go home by the first of the year. >> i am nervous for the future teacher. >> which one are you? >> she difficulty. >> lisa, talk about nervous. there are 20's. >> it feel like it is 18 in santa rosa. it is cooler than year. freezing in hayward. the freeze warning is extended through friday morning. everyone is freezing. afternoon highs are only in the upper 40's in san francisco and 50 in fremont and leyla gulen has a look at light commute. >> it is busy. in research monday, traveling westbound along 80 this is an accident blocking one lane and we have defective traffic signals on northbound highway 17 at lark avenue.
5:56 am
watch out for that. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic building from emeryville to treasure island area. the toll plaza shows the metering lights turned on. backups away from the maze. >> thank you, leyla gulen. this morning, we have the first images of the redesigned for mustang. ford rolls out the new 2015 mustang around the world. it is the 50th anniversary of the car. this is the first full redesign of the mustang since 2005. it is lower. it is wider. the roof tapers dramatically. it goes on sale next fall in north america. >> node -- need a christmas free? don't have time to go to the lot? trees will be delivered to customers in friend by clicking on the smartphone app and the christmas tree will show up in
5:57 am
minutes. it is not cheap. the service will run you $135 and is available today between 11 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. >> continuing coverage of the breaking news from the central veal -- valley with c.h.p. opening fire on a driver wanted in the south bay. >> fire rips through a home overnight. we will talk about the hero this morning. diamonds are a girl's best friend but not if they are fake. michael finney has the best way to make sure the jewelry you are buying is
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a look outside at another cold morning across the bay area.
6:00 am
lisa has the area's near the teens and how long the cold will stick around. >> deadly shooting on a busy california interstate with the suspect shot by officers and the crime he was wanted for in the bay area. >> in benicia, fire ripped through a couple's hope and a strange are made sure they got out safely. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. >> as promised, it is colder this morning than yesterday. here is our moot -- meteorologist. the freeze warning extended into tomorrow. temperatures have dropped. the wind chill is in the teens. napa is 19. it feels like it is 17. 42 in san francisco. 25 in novato and below freezing in fremont and san jose. pacifica is at 31. half moon bay is at 37.


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